About Us

We are a Melbourne-based cyber security design and consulting company. We work with our clients to create tailored, effective and pragmatic solutions that allow them to navigate a complex world with confidence and clarity.

Our approach is based on the principle that security should be strong and light; strong enough to manage risk within acceptable limits, while placing no more demand on people and resources than necessary. We emphasise targeted, threat-based mitigations over sweeping framework-based approaches, and we are driven by a genuine desire to improve our clients’ security.

We are also committed to operating an ethical business. This extends to how we work, how we deliver, and who we choose to work with.

Our identity is shaped by our Mission, Personality, Promise and Values (with credit to Atlassian for the categories):


Our mission is to deliver effective, efficient and elegant security solutions to enable our clients to grow with confidence.



We care about our clients and are committed to providing the best possible outcomes and the highest quality deliverables.


Our organisation was founded to provide a sense of purpose and contribution. Staying true to this is a core value.


We are pragmatic but resourceful. Cyber security is challenging but we can handle it. We empathise with our clients and the teams involved, and work with them to solve problems.


We bring our whole selves to work and embrace diversity of thought, approach and background.


  • We strengthen our clients by helping them understand and manage their security risks with confidence.
  • We think differently and are always looking for clever ways to make organisations lighter and stronger.
  • We do not compromise our integrity and actively seek to make a positive contribution to the world.
  • We provide advice based on the best possible information and actively seek to build our knowledge and capabilities.


  • We take our clients’ trust seriously
  • We are committed to running an ethical business
  • We are passionate about security