Training and Workshops

Customised training solutions and facilitated workshops to build understanding and promote better decision making.

Customised training can be the difference between a soon-forgotten awareness session and an activity that creates lasting change. Similarly, facilitated workshops can be a powerful means of building a greater understanding of cyber security issues and helping teams make decisions with the benefit of specialist knowledge.

It’s common to hear about humans as the ‘weakest link’ in security - but we think that’s slightly unfair. Humans may be naturally susceptible to manipulation in ways that computers aren’t, but there are also plenty of success stories where people have averted disaster by reporting things that didn’t look quite right. Equipped with the appropriate knowledge, your staff can be one of your best security assets.

We also know that training needs to go beyond the usual staff phishing campaigns. IT staff like sysadmins and developers are an absolutely essential, but commonly overlooked, part of the picture. Finally it is important to consider management and the various types of organisational pressures and incentives that can promote good and bad security outcomes.

Beyond training services, we can also help facilitate planning sessions and other discussions where additional cyber security insight can be of assistance.