We are proud to be an ethical, impact-driven company; our values are the foundation of how we do business.

We take our clients’ trust seriously

Cyber security is inherently complex, and clients often have little choice but to trust the interpretations and advice they receive.

Certain organisations, including some large providers, use this complexity as a smokescreen for selling engagements and products that appear credible but fail to provide meaningful improvements to security. We reject this approach.

We respect our clients and understand the responsibility associated with the trust they place in us as specialist advisers. We commit to providing advice in good faith, to scoping engagements fairly, and in recommending products and services based on their suitability for the client.

No less importantly, we take your trust seriously in maintaining confidentiality and acting with discretion when dealing with sensitive matters.

We are committed to running an ethical business

In addition to the values infused in how we deliver our work, we recognise the need to make business decisions with a broader sense of responsibility to others and to future generations.

We do this by:

  • Seeking to minimise our environmental impact by thinking critically about whether we need to make purchases, reducing waste, and otherwise participating where possible in a more circular economy.
  • Choosing suppliers and partners based on their ethical profile in addition to the quality of their product or service.

We have also made the decision not to profit from organisations that engage in practices that are contrary to our values. Similar to the Australian Ethical Charter, we will avoid organisations that cause:

  • Harm to people (including human and labour rights violations, gambling, tobacco and predatory lending such as payday loans)
  • Harm to the environment (including environmental degradation, climate change and unsustainable agriculture)
  • Harm to animals (including horse and greyhound racing, live animal export and other cruel practices)

We are passionate about security

We take satisfaction in delivering with excellence, and in providing clients with advice and solutions that are as good, if not better, than our industry colleagues - large and small.

We recognise the value of continuous development in a field where there is always more to learn and there are constant innovations in offensive and defensive technologies and techniques. Expanding our knowledge and skills is something we enjoy, as well as an important part of our success.